Photovoltaic Resources announces the new


software for design of PV systems. This replaces the old PVCAD software.

Photovoltaic Resources International (PVRI) specializes in design, marketing, fabrication, installation, and servicing of engineered photovoltaic (PV) systems. Our major emphasis is on telecommunications, lighting, utility interactive, and home power systems.In somewhat of a old style approach, we choose not to advertise a great deal and to rely on the successes of our systems. This not only keeps the cost of our systems down, it allows us to better serve each individual on a more personal level. Nearly all of our business is direct result of a referral from someone we have worked with in the past.

Standards and Codes-PVRI staff has participated in U.S. and international standards activities for over 25 years, building an expertise in all aspects of standards and codes as applied to PV systems. Utility interactive systems (those that can feed power back into the electric utility grid) generally require careful design due to the high voltages present and the requirements of the electric utility companies. PVRI can design these systems and furnish all the required components for a safe and effective system. Because we helped write some of these standards, we are in a good position to help resolve any code related problems.PVRI staff can apply a wide-range of technologies to solve your remote area power needs. PVRI works to assure the best available product is properly applied.


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