Our Main Market Areas are:

Home Power Systems:
Our standard and custom kits are complete and ready to be installed to meet your power needs. See us about installing Utility connected PV power systems in accordance with Arizona Public Service (APS) and Salt River project (SRP) buy-down programs that subsidize installations of utility connected powere systems on homes, businesses and other applications in Arizona. In addition to the home power kits, we serve more technical markets as listed below. Our wide range of capabilities is available to serve all markets.

Industrial/commercial Systems:
PVRI Has furnished complete power systems for reliable operation. The largest was a 105 kWp system installed at the US Army Yuma proving Ground.

PVRI is active in supplying reliable power for telecommunications. Our line of engineered modular power supplies has proven very reliable and effective in oil/gas field remote terminal unit (RTU) systems. Customers include the Regional Bell Operating Companies (R-BOC), independent telephone companies, long distance service providers (AT&T, MCI, Sprint, etc.), cellular operators (U.S. West, Bell Atlantic Metro Mobile, etc.), microwave systems, 2-way radio repeaters, instrumentation and control (oil & pipeline companies, etc.) and related organizations in government. This experience helps us help you if you have special technical needs.

As part of its lighting department, PVRI supplies standard and custom lighting systems based on our line of lighting components that includes inverter/ballasts for fluorescent, Low-Pressure Sodium (LPS), and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps for operation from 12-250 VDC and up to 277 VAC, for lamps up to 400 watts. PVRI exports the IOTA Engineering line of small fluorescent lamp dc ballasts. PVRI lighting systems range from small bus stop lighting systems to a 60 kWp highway tunnel in Saudi Arabia.

Water pumping:
PVRI supplies both custom designed water pumping kits and standard kits. We specialize in efficient pumps that will provide reliable water pumping. Our standard line of controls and pumps extends to 3 horsepower, higher power systems can be designed and furnished.